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Integra has been involved with EDDM® since its introduction in 2011. We have extensive knowledge of the program and have mailed millions of pieces nationwide. Our program provides an outstanding return on your investment, and is easy to cost justify. Do you want more customers? Let Integra help!

We offer 3 levels of service

Level 1 - We print your brochure, menu or postcard, bundle the mailing to USPS guidelines & ship the material to you. You will prepare the mailing 7 deliver to the post office. Assistance is available if needed.

Level 2 – We print the material, prepare all necessary paperwork for each drop, and ship to you all ready to bring to the post office.

Level 3 – We take care of everything. We print the material, prepare the necessary paperwork and ship to the designated post office. Sit back and reap the rewards!
Regardless of which level of service you chose, Integra will help develop a mailing strategy to provide positive results. By using our FREE map and demographics report, Integra will help determine the areas you want to target, the number of drops, and the frequency of each drop. This helps spread out the mailing expense, and allows us to customize a plan to fit virtually any budget.

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